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On 23 and 24 June the Web Marketing Festival returns to Rimini : among the Italian and international experts also Enrico Gualandi , Founder of Social Factor, with the case study on Fabbri 1905 .

The fifth edition of the Web Marketing Festival brings technological and digital innovation to the stage in Italy, deepening ideas , the economic-social fabric and online business . A meeting point, a moment of construction and reflection, but also and above all of formation. In the panel of speakers also Social Factor and the case study on one of our famous customers: Fabbri 1905 .

Digital and social innovation at the heart of the Web Marketing Festival

At the center of the Festival is the theme of digital and social innovation . Treated in all respects, gutted: tracing the present and future scenarios of digital, in all its forms is the goal of an event that, today more than ever, sets itself as a point of reference for an entire sector, even in international level.

The numbers provide the exact size of the appointment. 38 thousand square meters of exhibition area where over 100 Italian and international companies will be present. There are 30 training rooms and over 200 speakers – national and international – involved on topics such as Social Media Marketing , Web Analytics, Content Marketing, SEO , Tourism, Ecommerce, Non Profit and more.

But that’s not all: there are, in fact, 7 new rooms on the program that give voice to highly topical issues: Chatbot , Brand , Programmatic , Digital Skills and Professions, Foreign Markets, Accessibility and Digital Health . The latter is reserved for healthcare professionals and, together with the Digital Journalism room, give the right to acquire training credits.

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Social Factor: the Fabbri 1905 case study at WMF 2017

5,000 participants are expected at the Web Marketing Festival . Among the speakers, representatives of Google, Facebook and Microsoft ; in the panel also Enrico Gualandi , Co-founder & Digital Strategist of Social Factor. The key theme of the speech is the work done for Fabbri 1905 , already a small milestone in the Food & Beverage sector .

With the triple objective of moving from a fragmented and local approach to a global one, increasing brand visibility and proximity to B2C and B2B targets and maximizing engagement in the various communities, Social Factor led the brand to new goals in the first half of the year. : + 900% engagement rate . But it is only a “spoiler” of a substantial communication strategy that will be illustrated during the event.

# WMF2017: there is also talk of Digital Social Responsability

Therefore, on 23 and 24 June it will open its doors, but which makes the concept of Digital Social Responsability its own , placing itself as a tool both for strong technological innovation and incubator of new business projects, and with a high social impact linked to very topical issues. . The Web Marketing Festival , in fact, focuses attention on issues such as immigration, legality and accessibility. From the Digital Job Placement to the Startup Competition to the fundraising campaigns, all the initiatives of the Festival were also born with the same lowest common denominator: encouraging entrepreneurship with a view to responsibility and social inclusion.

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