Electronic Air Pressure Regulator

The basic purpose of an electronic air pressure regulator is to bring down high air pressure in a pneumatic system or pipes to a lower yet static output. Not only are they used for air pressure control but also they can set the level or flow of the air or fluid in the tool. The best thing about these pressure regulators is that their working is not affected by the flow or pressure level inside the internal valves. They would maintain a static flow and level even if the internal valve is fluctuating. Today you can find the new electronic air pressure regulators in different types of applications in both residential areas and large industries. From gas grills in houses to high propane pressure control equipment you can find these regulators being used in different fields of life.

Know that there are basically three functional elements in the electronic air pressure regulator. These include a pressure regulator, a reducing element, and lastly a reference force element. To provide a static pressure and flow the regulator would cut the internal supply and remove the fluctuations and irregularities. The pressure which is then introduced in the valve would flow through the valves of the electronic air regulator and would pass through the sensing element where the pressure would be adjusted according to the desired value set by the operator!

An important thing that you need to understand is that there are multiple types of air pressure regulators found in the market. Here we have listed a few of them for your knowledge!

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Types of the Electronic Air Pressure Regulator!

The multiple types of the proportional air regulators for different applications include:

General purpose regulators

These regulators as the name tell us to have a general purpose which is, of course, air pressure management. These regulators are designed specifically for industrial use. The working of these tools is usually above the atmospheric pressure. They are one of the most widely used electronic air pressure regulator devices.

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High Pressure Regulators

Next are the high pressure regulator tools. The most common example that you might see is the electronic water pressure regulator whose working is close to the high air pressure controllers. You must know that these regulators are best for managing inlet high pressure which is over a thousand PSI. Low pressure regulators on the other hand can only operate and manage at a pressure of 15 to 20 PSI. 

Dual stage Regulators

These are quite interesting air pressure regulators. The working of these tools is different from others. They use fluids that flow through multiple chambers in order to lower down high pressure and provide a constant flow. The key element in these kinds of tools is the electronic pressure control valve which ensures that the pressure decreases!

Point of Use Regulators

Point of use electronic air pressure regulators are the ones that are attached to or near to a tool or devices like a motor or knob. Usually, these kinds of regulators are used in houses or in small industries.


These are the top four types of air pressure regulators that you can get from the market or buy online.

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