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The main ingredient of Green Coffee Bean Extract is Chlorogenic acid. Unlike normal coffee beans, GCB Extract is made by soaking beans in water and then concentrated. There are several health benefits of this product. Green Coffee Bean extract was recently featured in Dr. Oz show. After the show, the product became an instant hit and almost the prices of all the bottles doubled. According to reports, people are losing weight using these products however there are very less testimonials and user reviews available because of the newness of this product.

Green Coffee Extract reduces weight by stopping the fat creation in your liver. It also strengthens the immune system and combats free radicals by acting as strong antioxidants. GCB Extract also suppresses appetite and cleanses your colon. Overall, it promotes the entire health. The product has no side effects however due to the newness of this very product the long-term results are still not confirmed.

Green Coffee beans are available in the form of capsules. It’s advisable to take 1-2 capsules daily. One capsule of GCB Extract contains 70 mg. According to Dr. Lindsey Duncan, dieters should take capsules continuously for six weeks. Dieters shouldn’t skip taking tablets for avoiding weight loss plateau. Unlike most diet plans, dieters shouldn’t change lifestyle or take very low calorie diet for losing weight GCB Extract diet. It’s an easy weight management program.

There are various brands of Green Coffee Extract available online however, it’s always advisable to read user reviews and testimonials before ordering. Users should also check the ingredient list. Green Coffee Bean Extract is the newest weight loss sensation that despite of early skepticism is doing well. According to reports, people are losing weight using this product. Green Coffee Bean Extract works for everybody.

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