Most Internet users involved in outdoor activities have come across the abbreviation EDC at least once. It is regularly found in the catalogs of many equipment manufacturers, constantly flashes in blogs, forums, and reviews on YouTube. Hiding behind it is the phrase Everyday Carry – literally translated: “I wear it every day.”

EDC refers to a set of items that are carried with you daily and are regularly used to solve any everyday problems. For example, someone never leaves the house without their laptop backpack, wallet, multitool, and thermos. In a narrower sense, an EDC kit may include items designed to help the owner in an emergency. For example, in the event of an accident, attack, terrorist attack, or man-made accident.

Concept of EDC

People have had their own set of everyday things at all times, but the very concept of EDC appeared only recently. The origin of this term is vague, but most likely it appeared at the turn of the 1990-2000s along with the advent of Internet culture. At least the earliest mention of EDC that we have been able to find is from 2003. And already in 2005, a whole website everydaycarry.com was launched dedicated to this topic. And then began an avalanche-like spread of fashion for EDC, which was picked up by both users and manufacturers.

Initially, the concept of the ideal set of everyday equipment was strongly influenced by working people, as well as the military tactical equipment industry. There is even a market for everyday EDC-style accessories that combine civilian and military features, from backpacks and fanny packs to pens and spinners.

We will not delve into the reasons for such popularity of EDC, because there are a lot of them, and they worked in a complex way. But we note that thanks to this trend, many items that help in everyday life have become widespread. Let’s talk about them!

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What is included in the EDC kit?

On the Web, disputes, and forum holidays sometimes flare up on the topic of what should be the composition of an ideal EDC set. But in reality, it can vary greatly for many reasons, and the “canon” simply does not exist. The kit is affected by the profession, region of residence, gender, age, life experience, and even the small habits of its owner. This is because EDC involves the creation of an individual set of equipment that a particular person finds useful for daily use outside the home. Therefore, there are no strict requirements for everyday equipment, but for reasons of common practicality, the items from the EDC set should be:

Lightweight and compact. 

It is much easier to carry things that fit easily in a small bag or even in pockets. There will be less doubt whether to take them with you, and the right item will always be at hand.

Strong and durable. 

Items from the EDC set are used almost daily, which is why low-quality equipment wears out quickly. And constantly changing a broken multitool or a torn wallet is impractical and expensive.


No need to carry useless items with you. Therefore, the thing from the EDC-kit should perform either several useful functions at once, or one, but flawlessly. Multifunctional items like a multi-tool or a Swiss knife replace a whole set of tools. And the retractor solves just one small but important problem of storing a bunch of keys.


The most controversial and even optional requirement, because it is completely determined by the tastes of the owner. But we must admit that the majority, consciously or unconsciously, strives to ensure that the EDC set harmonizes or complements their everyday wardrobe.

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As we have already noted, each EDC set is unique in its way, but there are things without which most modern citizens simply do not leave the house. We focused on them in our selection, and at the same time tried to collect items in it that meet the requirements listed above.


Today, a smartphone is the most versatile device that can fit in your pocket. This is at the same time the main means of communication, a camera, a GPS navigator, a watch, a notebook, a flashlight, and even a bank card. The only thing users need to remember is to recharge the smartphone in time and take care of its safety. The first problem is calmly solved by a portable battery, the second – by the mass of protective bumpers and hermetically sealed cases to choose from.


Once upon a time, the wallet was associated exclusively with thick purses that were stuffed with cash, change, certificates, business cards, bank and discount cards. And they were not weakly pulling the pocket. Today, the lion’s share of their content has migrated to smartphones thanks to electronic payment systems and downloadable applications.

The wallet now holds a couple of plastic cards and quite a bit of cash just in case. They are required to be thin, light, and strong. And best of all, outdoor brands have succeeded in creating such wallets, which have long been making practical accessories for tourists and travelers from modern materials. They use not only durable “backpack” nylon, but also a Tyvek membrane, and even fabrics for yacht sails.

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