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Edinburgh is one of the most coveted cities for tourists, and for a good reason. This city encompasses some of the best parts and traits of what Great Britain has to offer for a holidaymaker. It has a long history, thus many sights and attractions to see. The old part of the city, also known as Old Town is one of the most charming and stunning locations in the country. The old part of the city has medieval architecture, lots of dining options, and narrow cobbled streets for a perfect stroll. Here are some of the most note-worthy places for a tourist.

Edinburgh Castle

Located on the top of the hill, Edinburgh Castle overlooks the city and provides some of the most incredible views. Edinburgh car rentals could be the first stop on your itinerary, but right afterward you ought to head out to the castle. The territory is amazing, the landscapes are great and you could see the oldest building in the city on the grounds of the castle, i.e. St Margaret’s Chapel, it dates back to the 11th century. There is an amazing exhibition in the castle, with the oldest crown jewel, so you should definitely take the tour of the castle if you can.

Palace of Holyroodhouse

This palace is the residence of the Queen when she is in town for some activities, which makes it most exciting for those interested in British culture. Besides, since a part of it is open to the public, you could feel a bit closer to the royal family. Furthermore, you can see many antiquities, paintings and other kinds of treasures on exhibition. If you have some time afterward, you must take a stroll in the gardens, since they are a masterpiece in their own right. So, if you plan to get a vehicle in Sixt Edinburgh, you might plan your itinerary including this place on your agenda.

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This part of Old Town used to be a farmers’ market and sadly it was also used for public executions in the Medieval Times. Nowadays, it is one of the most attractive places for tourists, and together with Victoria Street, it has unparalleled views and provides an excellent location for a photoshoot. Furthermore, some of the most interesting artisan places and shops are located in this neighbourhood, so if you are looking for a good shopping experience you will definitely enjoy Grassmarket, plus if you are hiring a vehicle in the UK you can shop away to your heart’s delight.

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Canongate Kirk

This is a unique-looking church at the end of High Street. It is interesting for a few reasons, firstly it is frequented by the Queen when she is in the city, secondly, one of her grandchildren got married there and finally, it has become the last home for many outstanding residents of the city, including the famous economist Adam Smith. 

Royal Mile

UK car hire prices may vary from city to city and different rental services might also offer different interesting promotions, so upon arriving in the city you ought to do your research and find the most suitable offer. Then you might drive to the High Street of the Old Town, also known as the Royal Mile. It actually goes from Edinburgh Castle and passes through some of the most interesting attractions. You ought to leave your car in the parking lot and take a stroll along the Royal Mile to fully enjoy the sights.

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Take a tour of the pubs

No trip to the UK can be completed without the staple of local cuisine, i.e. fish and chips. So to fully experience the local vibe, you should try to visit a few of the pubs in the Old Town. Here you can taste some of the local unique brews and try the dishes favored by the locals as well. Do try to avoid overly-touristy places, and check the reviews online, to have a pleasant dining experience.

Overall, the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is a marvelous destination for tourists, and if you happen to be there, do make the most of your travel. Try to combine the cultural and entertainment aspects and fully enjoy the city. 

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