chia seed's benefits

Nowadays, people have become conscious of good health. Also, the pandemic has further motivated people to make their bodies fit and strong. To remain fit, regular exercise and healthy foods are some habits that people are trying to follow. Healthy food and different types of workouts help one to achieve the desired strength and physique. Among all healthy foods, chia seed’s benefits are numerous. Chia seeds are edible plant-derived seeds. They are oval and grey in appearance with black and white spots. Following are the various benefits that seeds provide the one’s body-

  1. Provides assistance in weight loss – Foods rich in protein helps build muscles and thus reducing body weight. Chia seeds are up to 1-2 millimeters in size, though they are small in size they can absorb 12 times more water than their size. Fiber present in chia seed helps make one feel full. Incorporating chia seeds in our daily routine can help one reduce weight as they also assist in reducing one’s appetite.
  2. Fastens digestion process- A large amount of fiber available in chia seeds helps the body in the digestion of food. It promotes smooth bowel movement.
  3.  The best source of omega-3 for vegetarians- Generally, omega-3 is available in the diet of non-vegetarian people in the form of (seafood, fish, salmon, tuna, etc.). So, chia seeds are the best options of omega-3 for people with a vegetarian diet.
  4. Supplies nutrients- Chia seeds are a tiny bundle of various nutrients which are healthy and important for the body. It provides one with various nutrients such as vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, iron, protein, potassium, and sodium.
  5. Consumed in various forms- Chia seeds have a mild taste, and they take the flavor of the item to which they are added. They can be added to multiple liquids like yogurt, smoothie, juice, etc. Moreover, they can be used in flavored pudding or can be used in salads as a crunch element with various health benefits.
  6. Essential for bone health- Chia seeds have nutrients that enhance bone strength. Nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium are present. Many surveys observe that these are the essential nutrients for maintaining one’s bone health. They have a good amount of calcium in them to promote strong teeth. Its antibacterial properties help fight the bacteria causing bad breath, thus keeping the mouth fresh.
  7. Promotes healthy hair- Nutrients such as lysine and phosphorus included in chia seeds help strengthen hair. They also contain amino acids thus reducing hair fall and promoting hair growth. Various other elements in the seeds also promote the natural hair color and help delay the greying of hairs. Chia seeds can be directly used on hairs in the form of a hair mask combined with some other great ingredients.
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Thus, these tiny seeds if incorporated into one’s diet can do wonders. They have so many health benefits as discussed above, that one should include them to maintain good health. Chia seeds forweight loss are the main and strongest benefit for people aiming to achieve a fit and slim body. 

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