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What are Building Contracts?

A building contract can be a contract that pertains to a Building Contract project. Building contracts generally contain provisions relating to the labor and materials required to complete a construction project. The nature, complexity and extent of building contracts entered into by the parties may depend on the type of construction project that is being completed. Factors influencing construction contract provisions include the size of the project, the amount of parties involved and the calculable time of completion.

Building contracts are wrongly binding agreements that create rights and obligations for all parties. Written building contracts facilitate ensuring that all parties to a project clearly understand their rights and obligations and allow the agreement to be enforced with added ease. Building contracts are helpful for everything from home development to large-scale infrastructure development.

Not having a transparent and effectively written building will lead to legal issues and result in disputes between the parties.

What are the Common Types of Building Contracts?

A small construction job on a residential building requires a contract if the work costs between $5,000 and $20,000.

fixed price or payment contract

These titles discuss the constant variation of the contract. This is where the contract clearly defines each building work to be done and the value of that work. This enables the parties to agree on a hard and fast price.

cost and contract

A cost and construction contract allows the contractor to obtain the prices for completing the related work. This enables a contractor to recover wages, subcontractors and prices related to the materials used and allows a certain amount of profit. Such a contract is beneficial once the exact nature or value of the building project cannot be determined.

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How will the Building Contract lawyer facilitate me?

Many disputes in construction are caused by poor contract drafting. It is important to discuss with a lawyer before drafting a contract to remove undue risks, that you have adequate management on the construction method with no surprising price variations.

There are several common forms created by the Construction Industry Association and the Australian Standard (AS). Our lawyers are at home with these common forms and can provide you with clear recommendations and relevant amendments. We will clearly make a case for the legal terms and consequences for you and discuss it with the various parties and their legal representatives.

review of contracts

Building Contract lawyers can critically review your contract, not wherever it is written. Changes and additions may be incorporated at any time prior to the language communication of the Agreements. To ensure that necessary amendments are made, and may discuss with the opposing side. These required modifications may include temporary ordering of in-progress payments, inclusion of liquidated damages, management of building schedules and approval of all variations. We are going to determine and provide you with a warning of any unusual clauses within the contract that will cause problems and additional costs for you in the future.

Administration’s recommendation

Once the contract has been written, amended, unified and deadlocked by all parties, it will be forced to administer it. Problems that may arise include variances, delays, extension of your time, claims for payment, requests for information, insurance matters, company and director disputes and faulty acts. We are happy to advise and assist in all those matters.

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Extensive expertise in minimum levels of construction

Property Lawyers Perth has over forty combined years of expertise and has worked extensively in residential buildings, multi-dwelling buildings, business and infrastructure as well as minimal levels of construction.

dispute resolution

Disputes are fairly common within the building trade and include disputes regarding defective construction work, variances, delays and payments. We tend to resolve at least seventy-five disputes, while not requiring costly legal proceedings. There are many alternative ways in which disputes can be resolved and we insist on finding sensible and commercially beneficial answers. We will advise and act upon you in all kinds of different dispute resolution including negotiation, mediation, conciliation, professional determination and arbitration. Our lawyers take pride in their ability to settle most disputes strictly through negotiation, saving you legal fees.

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